Coltrane Changes

I recently practiced to play over Coltrane Changes once again.

Coltrane Changes are a chord progression where
the tonal center is essentially descending in major thirds.

For example like in Coltrane’s Giant Steps: ⎪B      ⎪G         ⎪Eb    ⎪
combined with dominant chords:                 ⎪B D7⎪G  Bb7⎪Eb    ⎪

Besides his own compositions like Giant Steps or
Countdown Coltrane applied these progressions
as chord substitutes over several standard tunes:

  • But Not For Me
  • Body&Soul
  • Confirmation became 26-2
  • How High The Moon became Satellite
  • What Is This Ting Called Love became Fifth House

Here I have written down some Solo-Lines over Coltrane Changes in different keys.

Click to see the notes and tabs for guitar here: COLTRANE CHANGES SOLO LINES

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