The Gangster

Who wants to play THE GANGSTER?

I always wanted to write a tune in that style:
Chet Atkins meets Monk meets Telecaster…

So here it is:
Double stops, diminished lines, open string
phrases, behind the nut bendings and more!



Click here for a transcription exactly as played on Taken From The Skies:


New Album 2018 Preview


New album will be released by Unit Records in August 2018!


w/ Marcus Klossek -git, Carsten Hein -bass, Derek Scherzer -drums
+ special guest: Finn Wiesner -sax
Video Editor: Sandy Amerio

Hope you enjoy,

Coltrane Changes

I recently practiced to play over Coltrane Changes once again.

Coltrane Changes are a chord progression where
the tonal center is essentially descending in major thirds.

For example like in Coltrane’s Giant Steps: ⎪B      ⎪G         ⎪Eb    ⎪
combined with dominant chords:                 ⎪B D7⎪G  Bb7⎪Eb    ⎪

Besides his own compositions like Giant Steps or
Countdown Coltrane applied these progressions
as chord substitutes over several standard tunes:

  • But Not For Me
  • Body&Soul
  • Confirmation became 26-2
  • How High The Moon became Satellite
  • What Is This Ting Called Love became Fifth House

Here I have written down some Solo-Lines over Coltrane Changes in different keys.

Click to see the notes and tabs for guitar here: COLTRANE CHANGES SOLO LINES


Loving The Alien

Loving the alien is a song written and recorded by David Bowie.

He performed this song in a stripped down version with just Bowie on vocals
and Gerry Leonard on guitar during the Reality Tour in 2003 and 2004.

Bowie remarked that this arrangement was perhaps
“the way it should have always been done.”

I’ve written down the chords of this arrangement exactly like in the video for you to play,
notice the little guitar loop (you need a loop-station for this..) which is indicated as well.

Click to see PDF here: LOVING THE ALIEN

James Burton Style Country Lick


James Burton’s trademark “chicken pickin'”
style – bright, crisp and concise –
is one of the most unique sounds in
country music, and a huge influence
on rock guitar as well !

Here’s a good example of his style with
a short Country Blues lick working over
an E7 chord, written down in notes and tabs.

Click for the PDF here:

You can listen to the lick here:


Hope you enjoy!