Hybrid Picking Lesson


PDF with Notes and TAB,
MP3’s with detailed explications

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Hybrid picking is a right hand technique that involves
picking with a pick (plectrum) and one or more fingers
alternately or simultaneously.


Guitarists who use hybrid picking hold the pick in
the normal grip between the index finger and thumb.
Since this only involves the use of two fingers it leaves three
fingers of the picking hand free, which allows for hybrid picking.


Guitarists who are notable for their use of this great technique
are for example: Chet Atkins, Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton,
Steve Morse and Scotty Moore among many others.


We will start in this lesson with a nice and easy
“click clack” sounding exercise only using the pick.


Next step is already a basic hybrid picking exercise
to get  your right hand chops up and running.


We will check out Mystery Train in the style of the great
Scotty Moore, including some “flashy” lead lines still easy to play!


Plus a groovin’ Blues which every guitarist should have in his pocket!


Well, let’s get started!