Rhythm Guitar Lesson


PDF with Notes and TAB,
MP3’s with detailed explications
and 12 Play-Along Tracks

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I think you will enjoy this one!


Playing Solo’s is great but when we are gigging, recording or just jamming with friends:
most of the time we spend playing rhythm guitar parts behind singers or other soloists.


So we need a wide variety of interesting and fresh sounding rhythm parts
to draw on for any musical situation.


This lesson is presenting 12 guitar rhythms covering different styles like
Funk, Rock, R&B, Gospel and Soul Grooves.


Each guitar part comes with a Play-Along Track for you to practice like in a band situation.


As usual everything is written out in notes+tabs and explained in detail!


Grab your guitar and expand your rhythmic vocabulary.


This lesson will put a smile on your fellow band members faces!